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24 May
What can I say on this thing. I'm a flighty but sweet nerd girl that hopes to go into nonprofits as a career path, with special emphasis in fundraising. I read primarily science fiction and fantasy, I'm media and internet junkie, I think science is cool and I do the social thing on weekends. I dig all things "cultural" or "artsy" like theater, poetry, art, dance, music, and craftsy stuff. However, don't think of me as a snob -- I'm fine with going to rodeos, dive bars, and I prefer my comedy family-unfriendly. I'm a big animal lover, cats particularly. My music tastes tend to be ecclectic and very exact, ranging from opera to punk. Very liberal and very outspoken with politics. And I'm a textbook Gemini, so expect a lot of contraditions.

I don't use this thing much. That may change.

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